A Place To Call My Home

"A Sanctuary For Young Adults"


A Place To Call My Home ("HOME") is a sanctuary for young adults coming out of prison systems, drug facilities and foster care. "HOME" is a camp like setting where young adults can heal from their trauma through an immersion in nature and holistic healing activities.

The ultimate goal of HOME is to nurture our youth and provide them with confidence, life skills and a foundation to return to their heart's center and live a life of joy, peace and service.

We will also team up with established organizations who are currently working with our youth and supporting their path towards the bright future that they all deserve.

Building Healthy Futures

By investing in our youth we are creating connections and building foundations for a bright future for our local communities by guiding our youth to a healthy and prosperous future!

Spreading Love

Our goal is to rekindle our youth's "Love For Life" with an immersive experience in art, nature, science, farming, holistic healing, progressive somatic therapy, equestrian therapy and culinary arts.


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